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If you are a victim of human trafficking text: 233733

          Today, we believe our world is revolutionary due to the great strides human society has made. When we look back at the past, we think, how could we, as human beings let that happen? How could we do that to one another? How did we let that go unnoticed? We believe slavery to be abolished, yet it is one of the biggest criminal industries today. We choose to believe it does not exist, even though millions of people are affected daily. Human trafficking is a massive global issue today, and most victims suffer in silence. I want you to join me in bringing light and awareness to the dark that people choose not to see.  

           Hello everyone, my name is Anika, and I live in the Houston, TX area. Houston is a part of the “Texas Triangle,” notorious for its extremely high human trafficking cases. I want to help fight against this very damaging global issue.

            The primary purpose of this blog is to raise awareness for human trafficking and inform people how they can help. However, I also want to build a community where people can share their stories and listen to others. Together we can put a red light on trafficking.

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter"

-Martin Luther King Jr.

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